Johannes Sundlo (@jsundlo) posted very interesting stats last week comparing LinkedIn to AMS. As a follow-up, below are some numbers to review for LinkedIn that I appreciate as they just confirm the power of LinkedIn as a sourcing and employer branding channel.
Member numbers*:
  • 75m+ professionals around the world
  • 17m+ members in Europe
  • 4m+ members in the UK
  • 1m+ members in France
  • 1m+ members in the Netherlands
  • 1m+ members in Italy
  • 1m+ members in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Approaching 1m members in Spain
  • 6m+ members in India
  • 2m+ members in Canada
  • 1m+ members in Australia
  • 1m+ members in Brazil
* LinkedIn does not officially release member numbers until the country reaches 1 million. I can say that Sweden’s LinkedIn membership base is rapidly growing and the number of profiles is way beyond what AMS has in CVs.
Membership breakdown and demographics
  • Half of our members are outside of the US
  • India is one of our fastest growing countries with 6m+ members
  • Netherlands has the most engaged user base outside US: 50% of addressable market (professionals) on LinkedIn
  • Most valuable demographic (affluent & influential)
  • Affluent (household income $107k), 78% college-educated, 42% decision-makers, avg. age 43 (Source: @Plan Summer, 2009 (
  • 12m+ small business professionals
Growth and usage
  • It took 477 days to reach our first million, we now add a member every second of every day (or approx. 1m every 12 days)
  • We estimate that there are around 500m professionals around the world (based on International Labor Organization data and other sources)
  • 1bn+ people searches on LinkedIn last year
  • Nearly 700k professionally-oriented groups on LinkedIn ranging from company and college/university alumni groups, to small business exchanges and CXO roundtables
  • 100k+ members joining groups every day
  • 1M+ company profiles
  • The number of job postings and applicants on LinkedIn have almost tripled in the past year
  • thousands of developers using our APIs
  • 100M+ API calls/day
  • 1M+ twitter accounts have been bound to LinkedIn
Business metrics
  • There are currently more than 600 LinkedIn employees. We plan to grow to over 900 employees this year
  • More than 60% of Fortune 100 and more than 25% of FTSE 100 pay to use LinkedIn’s corporate recruiting solutions
  • Profitable since 2007, ahead of plan and growing despite economic turbulence
  • Gaining market share, well positioned for when the economy recovers
  • Revenue is well diversified and international
  • Revenue mix is almost perfectly balanced between the three lines: subscriptions, advertising, enterprise licensing (recruiting)

2009 Growth Metrics

Employee growth:
  • LinkedIn currently has more than 600 employees.
  • In 2009, we went from 228 employees to 480 employees, we expect to be over 900 employees this year.

Average load time performance decreased:

  • Pages now load 60% faster on a global basis

Unique users increased approximately 200%:

  • According to comScore, unique users per month went from 13m at the end of 2008 to 38m at the end of 2009 and is now over 42m
  • Also overall member count went from 33M members at the end of 2008 to over 60M members now
  • Record revenue and profits in 2009 despite the macroeconomic climate
International growth:
  • Opened new offices in India, Australia and the Netherlands. Our corporate headquarters are in Mountain View and our global headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. In 2010, we opened an office in Toronto.
  • LinkedIn is now available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Do you use LinkedIn for recruiting? Share your story with us.