När vi 2009 startade HR Sverige var vi ambitiösa (nåja) studenter som ville verka för en digitalisering av HR och ett enande av krafter för att driva HR framåt. Något vi förövrigt fortfarande vill verka för även om vi nu inte längre kan klassa oss som studenter.

I mina postningar kring HR-konferenser fick jag en ping från en dansk kille som också verkade vara student och som sa sig stå bakom en ny typ av konferens. Sådant får med bakgrunden ovan alltid igång mig och jag la inte bara till HRtechX på listan över konferenser – jag beslutade mig också för att försöka ta reda på lite mer genom att prata med Anders Bang-Larsen som är en av grundarna bakom konferensen.

HRtechX – who’s behind the conference?

We are actually a team of 12 students based in Copenhagen, who decided to team up with the Student Founders Network to create a stir in the pot, that is HR. Since August ’18 we have been working with the Nordic HR market to gain insights into what is missing, and how we as students can cater to these needs from an ”outside view”.

This is your first conference (as far as I know?), how did you come up with the idea?

It is, indeed – I touched upon it briefly above, but it comes partly from wanting to be a part of the change that is bound to (and is already happening many places) in HR and partly from building something grandiose while studying. Most of us have studied or worked within HR, and believe there is room to change – and that this change might not necessarily come from people who were working in it their entire lives.

How many people will attend HRtechX?

We’re aiming towards 900 attendees, and are approaching this amount rapidly! As our list shows, there are quite a few conferences to choose from, what set’s you apart? There more definitely is – which is great! I think we sets ourself apart by a few different means;

  1. We focus primarily on the rise of HR technologies, and the impact that these can have on HR and the Future of HR,
  2. We want to facilitate a place where people can meet, network and discuss ideas and opportunities in the intersection between HR and technology, creating the go-to meeting place for this discussion in the Nordics, and
  3. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, so we don’t want to try and explain anything to anyone – instead, we invite everybody to join us in the exploration of potential opportunities there might be!

What can people that attend HRtechX expect?

They can expect a fully packed day with content, networking and exploration of ideas – and a setup that is vastly different from the classic trade fair-type of event.

What do you foresee will be the big trends during HRtechX?

Luckily I am not the one to be going on stage to answer these tough questions, but based on the response so far, a lot of interest is happening in the intersection between HR and data, analytics, technology, and on answering the question of how HR can become an (even more) value-creating entity!

And – will you be back next year?

Most definitely – and you might not even have to wait an entire year to hear from us again, so stay tuned on our website and on our LinkedIn-page

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