Ibland trillar man över CV:n som är lite extra ordinära. Det kan ett CV som ser ut som Super Mario eller bara ett snyggt grafiskt CV men häromveckan trillade jag över det mest ambitiösa jobbsökandet jag någonsin sett. Att det dessutom anspelar på en av mina absoluta favoritserier Arrested Development gjorde förstås inte saken sämre. Nyfiken som jag är letade jag upp upphovsmannen Justin Racz på LinkedIn (såklart!) och ställde lite frågor om hans i mina ögon briljanta kampanj för att få uppdrag.

How on earth dig you came up with this idea?
I like to satire genres and I hadn’t done a social network yet. I’ve written humor book parodies on J.Crew and Victoria’s Secret, not thinking in digital.

I always wondered why there weren’t celebrities on LinkedIn. They need work, too. So I outlined an idea for Celebrity LinkedIn. I wrote a series of profiles from everyone from Charlie Sheen (skills and expertise: Winning) to fictional characters, such as the Bluth family from Arrested Development. I always run my ideas by other creatives to get their input. My friend Alec Brownstein suggested I focus, perhaps just on a few celebrities. Season 4 of Arrested Development was all the rage, so it was a no-brainer to focus on bringing those characters into the LinkedIn world.

Why George SR, GOB and Tobias? Isn´t Michael really a better choice?
Michael is boring. He’s, relatively, the sane one among the eccentrics.My goal for the entire project was to get noticed for my conceptual and creative writing abilities. It was just more fun to email recruiters in the voice of Tobias Funke, using homosexual innuendo — and getting away with it!

What´s the biggest upside with the campaign?
I’ve been working much more. The stunt is a nice portfolio piece. It got some good press from the ad industry, which led to more gigs. This was the goal the entire time. Totally a self-promotion piece.

Did anyone got angry?
No cease and desist letters by Arrested Development or LinkedIn