Have you ever been to a conference and asked yourself “What am I doing here and why have I paid so much for this?” I have. I sometimes wonder at all these conferences why we typically have to hear 1 or more key speakers talking about their views and experiences and have limited opportunity to jump in and ask questions, share thoughts, answer

This is why I decided to bring the #tru HR Carnival Unconference to Sweden. The first and hopefully many more to come, #truStockholm will be held on March 9th and 10th at Monsterʼs Nordic offices. It is a 2 day event where you can chose what you participate in, how long you participate and how you participate. Maybe you would like to just listen to others in your industry, maybe you would like to share your experiences and views, maybe you would like to ask lots of questions – itʼs your choice. The cost is low but the knowledge you will gain and the people you will meet will be high!

Some of the topics we will chat about: Regional Recruiting, Employer Branding, Social Recruiting, HR Technology, Job board 2020, Facing up to Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging, Employee Referrals and much more.

Read more here about the the “unconference” concept, the topics you will be able to participate in and how to sign-up for the event. See you there!