A typical work day for me in 2001 was come into the office, attend external meetings, attend internal meetings, make lots of phone calls, send emails and read emails.

In 2011, I will still do the above but I will spend much less time attending internal meetings, making phone calls, sending and reading emails.

Why? Because social sharing has transformed the way organizations communicate both internally and externally.

Less internal meetings are needed because we have corporate tools like Yammer that enable social sharing of company information and activities in a whole new way.

We will spend less time on the phone as social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and Twitter allow us to build a niche network of prospects, customers and contacts that are interested in just our products and services.

Emails are becoming more obsolete. Tools like Yammer and LinkedIn groups allows organizations to share messages and information to individuals and groups of people at the same time. They allow us to communicate, share and engage with our colleagues and contacts in new and better ways. The way we want to communicate in 2011.

My question – Are managers ready to stop their 1-way communications and learn 2-way communications?

P.S. Don’t forget that what and how you communicate can impact your employer brand.